It’s that time of year again – ALA Annual 2013!  We’re pumped that the conference is so close to us – all of our core team members live in Madison, WI – so we’ll be there in full force!  We so want to meet you there, so keep these things in mind during your own preparations.




Find Us!

Just a reminder: this is us…

Ladies of LAIP

…and this is what we’ll be wearing…

…so keep your eyes peeled!  We’d love to connect, chat, or just say hi!


Click here for a loose outline of our schedule, where we’ll be, and which sessions we might attend.  VERY subject to change!  We might want to, you know, eat or sleep.


  • Library Makerspaces: The Field Trip is a preconference program on Thursday.  Erinn, Katie, and Holly will be kicking off the day and hanging around to chat about maker culture.
  • Humanities in the Digital Era: Mashing Up Public Programs with MOOCs, Media, and More.  Saturday 1 – 2:30pm.  Erinn and Laura are panelists for what will surely be a fascinating and engaging conversation.
  • DEMCO booth, Saturday 10am – 12pm.  We get to play experts on makerspaces and making for the breakout sessions on Saturday morning at the DEMCO booth.  Guys, DEMCO is way more than just library furniture.  Come say hi!

Twitter Contest!

We’ve got lots of great swag waiting for YOU!  Find us anytime to get an awesome pin, or follow us on Twitter to score the best tote bag in the world.  The game: we’ll tweet a “password” each day with the hashtag #LAIPswag.  Be the first to find us on the exhibition floor, tell us the password, and win a tote bag!

ICFABArt Contest Launches!

Remember last year’s phenomenally successful Teen Art Contest??  It’s time to get ready for year 2!  The contest isn’t until November (and the official launch will be June 27th, more details then), but we’ll be promoting it at ALA like crazy, along with our partners EgmontUSA, Zest Books, and Teen Librarian’s Toolbox.  Find us or them for a free postcard – put it above your desk so you don’t forget!

Can’t wait to see you there! ~Katie

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