I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Erinn, Christina and I have been running around attending art exhibits and openings, updating the site like crazy (in case you hadn’t noticed!) and desperately scribbling down all of the ideas that are buzzing around us after just one month of being live!

Book arts

Image from the Written Word.

I have two neat things to share with you. The next time your library is having a book sale or even giving away books for free (yes – it happens), pick up a couple, no matter how outdated or uninteresting they may seem. This blog post on Written Word is from a year or two ago, but the ideas for projects using old books are anything but old news. Looking for some book art inspiration? Check out the gorgeous works by New Mexico book artist Isaac G. Salazar. You can follow his work on Flickr.

You might notice that we’ve updated our About page a little bit. We hope that this will more accurately reflect where the Project is now and what you’ll find on the website.

Special thanks to some folks who gave us shoutouts this week, including the writers for the Programming Librarian Blog and Megan Costello at the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science for posting a news item about us on L&S News and Notes. And thanks to all of you for reading! – Laura

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