The post about the Library Science exhibition at Artspace in New Haven, CT was originally posted on the Library as Incubator Project site in 2011. We think the online gallery of this show, with work inspired by libraries and librarianship, is absolutely worth another look a few years later.

by Laura Damon-Moore

"Kinds of Love" by Nina Katchadourian

“Kinds of Love” from Bookpace, 2002. By Nina Katchadourian. Courtesy of the artist and Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco.

When we read through the introductory materials for Library Science, an exhibition from 2011-2012 at Artspace in New Haven, Connecticut, we realized that this exhibition embodies one of the goals of the Library as Incubator Project: to celebrate the inspirational effect that libraries can have on the creative artist, and how artists can highlight not only individual libraries through their work, but bring attention to some of the bigger issues that modern libraries are facing.

Featuring the work of seventeen international artists and curated by Rachel Gugelberger, Senior Curator at Exit Art, New York, Library Science “contemplates our personal, intellectual and physical relationship to the library as this venerable institution—and the information it contains—is being radically transformed by the digital era.”

From the exhibition’s website:

Through drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, painting and web-based projects, the artists in Library Science explore the library through its unique forms, attributes and systems: from public stacks to private collections, from unique architectural spaces to the people who populate them, from traditional card catalogues to that ever-growing “cyber-library,” the World Wide Web.

The exhibition extends beyond the reaches of the gallery’s walls. Artists submitted proposals for research residencies toward new works at local libraries. The Institute Library is hosting an exhibition of library-based portraits by Meredith Miller and Rob Rocke. And the Library Science Film Festival, hosted by libraries throughout the state, celebrates library-themed or inspired films.

These exhibitions, film festival, and related events demonstrate an important aspect of the “library as incubator” – that libraries can and will continue to serve as sources of creative and artistic information, but that collaboration and coordination with partners (art galleries, educational institutions, other libraries in their consortium or system) enriches the community and reaches a wider audience.

Blaine De St Croix, "Library Fire- Landscapes," 2011 (installation view).

Blaine De St Croix, “Library Fire- Landscapes,” 2011 (installation view).

The online exhibition catalog features works by all seventeen artists, information about visiting the gallery and the other Library Science events, and essays by Ms. Gugelberger, Andrew Beccone, Founder and Director, Reanimation Library, and Jennifer Tobias, Reader Services Librarian, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Learn more about Artspace by visiting the gallery’s website.

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