YB 12 ethel reedHello again!  After quite a long, unexpected hiatus, our weekly Sunday Linkubator is back!  If you’d like to see what was up the last few weeks (since October 20th), I’ll be working on retroactive Linkubator posts soon.  Things have been eventful!

New on the website this week:


Wild Thing MasksOther news:

  • This week was voting week for our #ICFABArt contest, and it was hugely successful!  We received over 2,000 votes, which we’re just now organizing and counting (well, we leave the heavy mathematical lifting to computers)!  If you didn’t check out the gallery, it will live on our site forever, even if you can’t vote.  Watch for the announcement of the winner on Monday!
  • Our in-person partnership with Madison Public Library (WI) gave Laura and Holly a chance to make Wild Thing masks for a branch’s 100th anniversary day!  Love those masks!
  • A Tumblr called Libraries Build Community wrapped up some of our features (and then some) on theater in libraries.  Pretty sweet!


Reading NetFun stuff from around the web:

Wishing you all a calm and focused week ahead.  Here’s to being more centered in our work!  I’ll drink to that!  But seriously, have a great week!


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