Nancy Drew cover poster

Image of Nancy Drew cover poster, from the University of Maryland Libraries.

Relive a blast from your literary past (or present – I’m not here to judge!) by clicking through this lovely online exhibit from the Special Collections at the University of Maryland Libraries. This exhibit highlights the girls’ series books in the Rose and Joseph Pagnani Collection in the University of Maryland Libraries. The collection contains over 300 books from 33 different series published from 1917 to 1980. This web exhibit is a great example of how libraries can showcase their collections (even 5+ years after the physical exhibit has been taken down!) and offers some lovely eye candy (vintage Nancy Drew bindings? Love it!) to boot.

Were you a fan of the girl sleuth and her chums? What about the Hardy Boys? Have you re-read them recently, and if so, what did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this section of the exhibition… – Laura

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