"Look for Art" by Will Ashford.

“Look for Art” by Will Ashford.

Happy March, everyone!  For those of us in the frozen tundra of northern North America, the warmer temperatures are very welcome indeed.  I hope it’s not too bad for our friends in the southern hemisphere.

New features:

Other news:

  • Hey ALA member librarians – please vote for our session at ALA Annual in Las Vegas!
  • Commence freak out!!!  Our book was called “Quirky and imaginative” by Kirkus Reviews!  Can’t believe it’s really happening!
  • Our own project manager Erinn contributed to this new ALA Editions book – pretty nifty!
  • We asked for the book quote that you would embroider, inspired by this BookRiot list, and we got some great responses:

“and yes I said yes I will yes.” Molly Bloom’s last lines. Possibly said in orgasm, definitely in ecstasy.

“Write the truest sentence that you know.” — Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

  • Erinn, Laura, and Holly took to the road to give a presentation about our sister project, The Book to Art Club, to Wisconsin librarians called, “Adults Play Too!”

tree-record-playerFun stuff from around the web:

Take care, fellow Incubators!  Share your stories or thoughts with us here or on Twitter and Facebook.  We always love to hear from you!


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