by Laura Damon-Moore

The Smithsonian Institution Libraries’ Galaxy of Images, a digital collection that represents a mere smattering of the Libraries’ extensive print holdings, offers over 15,000 images to search or browse online. The site offers a nice set of Search Tips for users who are looking for some guidance when it comes to finding specific items within the image holdings. There is a Browse feature that allows users to view the full subject galleries.


The Galaxy of Images draws largely from the Libraries’ rich Natural History collections, making this a fantastic resource for images of things like Extinct Animals and Zoos and Acquaria. There’s also the standard “eye candy” collections, like the Imaginary Animals collection, or etchings and sketches of Balloons. The Galaxy of Images’ page of Frequently Asked Questions will address the terms of use of the Smithsonians’ holdings.

I’ve included a very short video that demonstrates how to use the basic browse feature on the Galaxy of Images’ page. Find this helpful? Want more? Email us or leave a comment; I’ll be happy to do another one that features a different search method. Click to view “Browse Collection” video.

Have you used the Galaxy of Images before? Even if you’re just starting your wanderings, what awesome things have you found? Tell us. Share your findings in the comment section.

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