We have the privilege of being artists-in-residence at The Bubbler at Madison Public Library for May and June! This means that for the first time, the Incubator Project “lives” somewhere physical – that isn’t a coffee shop.

In the space, which is the Bubbler headquarters at MPL’s Central Library, we have several projects happening.

Special event this Friday: a book party to celebrate the official release of our book, The Artist’s Library! Drinks, snacks, and hands-on projects start at 7:30 p.m. on the 3rd floor of the Central Library. Free and open to the public, presented with the Wisconsin Book Festival, Madison Public Library, and A Room of One’s Own bookstore.

If you walk in to the room today, you can do or see:

  • The Making Stories station, where we have creative writing and drawing prompts and supplies ready for you to make your own story, or add to the group story.
  • You can help us decorate the space by adding to our bright tissue paper collage (mess free! Yay!).
  • You can help make a public art piece called Hidden Stories by rolling paper for the sculpture’s panels.
  • At certain times of the week, you can watch a novel being written as part of “The Novelist,” a performance installation by our own Erinn Batykefer!
  • Do you have a question for the artists? You can ask it and get an answer at the Q & A table located right next to the Bubbler’s entrance.

We’re adding more hands-on activities each week until the end of May, and beginning on May 27th we host a hands-on, drop-in workshop every Tuesday night.

Our projects on those nights include:

  • Poster making
  • Easy plastic bag printmaking
  • Animal votive holders (straight out of Jessica Pigza’s awesome book BiblioCraft!)
  • Pen and watercolor paintings
  • Tracing images from library materials
  • Printed house greeting cards

Where should you go for more details and for our full residency schedule? 

We hope to see some of you there this Friday, and over the course of the next month and a half up at the library. Come make a story with us! ~ Laura

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