In case you haven’t heard, coloring programs for grown-ups are taking off at libraries! If you’re looking for an easy and accessible way for your library to host a creative program for adults, coloring might just be the way to go. Many libraries have hosted these programs as one-off events, but others are making them a regular part of their adult programming, not so different from a book club!

Experts in a recent article from The Guardian caution against equating coloring with “art therapy” or “meditation,” but I can say from personal experience that it sure is a good way to de-stress.

Some examples of libraries with coloring programs advertised online (a mix of recurring programs and one-off events):

Other helpful links:

If you’re looking for answers to logistical questions about how to run a grown-up coloring program, we suggest bopping into the ALA Think Tank and Programming Librarian groups on Facebook; both have had conversations about this topic recently and there are some great ideas and strategies floating around! ~Laura

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