It was just about a year ago that we started talking abut the Library as Incubator Project, and boy, do we have a lot to celebrate this holiday season. Thank you so much to everyone who has offered their kind support of us this year, including all of our classmates and colleagues at UW-Madison; artists and librarians throughout Wisconsin and (increasingly) around the country and the world; and of course, our fantastic readers and partners who keep the project active with your thoughtful comments, tweets, etc.

Since all three of us are unabashed holiday and library fans, we thought we would celebrate by offering our season’s greetings through a series of silly library-related photos. We hope you enjoy them, and that you continue to enjoy the Library as Incubator Project!

Want to be involved in 2012? There are so many ways to be active with the Library as Incubator Project:

  • Submit your library-incubated artwork or writing.
  • Submit information about your arts-related library program, to create a kit and have it featured on the website.
  • Have a favorite collection, library, program, or librarian you would like to see featured? Send a note our way:
  • Would you like our assistance with developing some arts programming for your library, or think your project/program could partner with ours in some way? Drop us a line at
  • As always, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest arts-and-libraries updates.

Happy holidays to you and yours! – Christina, Erinn, and Laura

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