The Library as Incubator Project heard about this very cool student typography exhibit that was on at the Drexel Library Learning Terrace at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to talk with library staff member Jenny James Lee. She answered our questions about the exhibit and pointed us to some lovely photographs. – Laura

How did the students’ typography projects come to have their home in the Drexel Library Learning Terrace?

The project was initiated by the Libraries. The Library Learning Terrace, our newest library, has Herman Miller furnishings which come with divider screens to separate different work areas. The screens are currently white and the Dean of Libraries, with help from Gail Holmes, Assistant Director of Interiors, came up with the idea to use students to design the fabric on the screens. A series of meetings were held between different faculty members in Drexel’s Westphal College before deciding that a typography class would be the best fit. So – it’s more that the project created an opportunity for students to showcase their work in the terrace.

The article describes the design projects as something that will “inspire learning.” Can you expand on that?

The students working on the project were given a list of words that they could use in their designs. The terms are Drexel University learning outcomes and words typically used to describe libraries. 

What role did the library play in the facilitation of the project – will it be mainly an exhibition/display space? Studio space? Inspiration?

The Libraries initiated the project. The Dean and myself had meetings to discuss the project with the professors and helped to frame the project. Then, the Learning Terrace served as a display space for all of the student work. The final, selected pieces, will be installed on the screens in the Spring.

What will be the outcome of the project?

Several students in the Typography classes will have their designs printed on the Herman Miller project and it will be used in the Learning Terrace.
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