Chrystie Hill

One of our contributors recently shared this video with us, and I thought it was so good I’m posting it for everyone to share.

This is Chrystie Hill’s talk from the TedxRanier event which happened in November 2011. Chrystie is Community Services Director for WebJunction at OCLC. She  also works as a consultant for the Gates Foundation, and blogs eloquently at (If you’re interested in reading about Chrystie’s experience at TedxRanier, she blogged about it here.)

In this Tedx Talk, Chrystie asks her audience to contemplate what a library of the future would look like, given incredible shift in services and information to digital content, by asking the question:  “When everything is online, why come to the library at all?”

Her talk runs just over 12 minutes, but it’s worth every second.  We were particularly interested in her coverage of the You Media Lab at the Chicago Public Library (4:37), which provides digital tools for creating content– not just consuming it– to patrons interested in recording, filming, and other digital projects.

The library of the future… is not about storing books.  Well what is it?  We get to decide.  We get to do what we want.  And everything is allowed.

It’s an incredibly empowering thought, and one we think fits right in to the amazing library-as-incubator stories we get to see every day. What do you think the library of the future should include?  What should the focus be in terms of service, and how do you think traditional services are changing to meet that future?  Share with us in the comments!


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