Please welcome Wisconsin-based fiber artist Sarah Hemm to the Library as Incubator Project Blog!  Sarah has contributed to the Library as Incubator Project before as a featured artist, and she took our survey in December 2011.  But when we learned of her 366-day embroidery challenge, we knew we had to partner with her to document such a grand experiment (and a library-incubated one, to boot!).  Sarah describes her project in this way:

Embroider the Day is a series of 366 contemporary art embroideries — a new piece finished every day for each day of 2012. I have always been interested in doing a 366 project, so I decided to go for it. 2012 is the year.

It’s a simple yet challenging concept, and I have set up criteria for myself to make the project successful and interesting. For example, each embroidery will be unique, and I must finish, photograph, and post each piece to my blog every day by midnight. What I aim to accomplish is to push the boundaries of what is possible with embroidery as art.

So this project is not only challenging conceptually but technically as well – because of the sheer amount of time that stitching requires. It will take a lot of planning and stamina to keep this up for an entire year, but as an artist I think it is important to produce a lot of work and push yourself to the limit of what you can accomplish in one day, every day.

Starting this week on February 2nd, Sarah will be blogging for us on the first Thursday of each month.  She will share not only her favorite embroidered pieces from the previous month’s worth of work, but will also write about her process, craft, and inspiration– no small feat in a sweeping project like this!  She promises that there are lots of library-inspired pieces to share, including quotations from her favorite books, and recommendations for her fave library resources for fiber artists.

We’re excited to bring share her work with you throughout 2012, and hope you’ll share your favorites and cheer Sarah on in the comments!



Fiber artist Sarah Hemm

Sarah Hemm is an artist and curator from the Janesville, WI area. She has exhibited her work for over ten years. Sarah previously curated The Eclipse Gallery which she recently closed to focus on her artwork. Currently, Sarah is concentrating on embroidery as a medium. Her love of fiber art developed in college at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. She studied Fiber and Textile Art, along with her major – Gallery/Museum Practices. Sarah is looking forward to opening a studio in the countryside just south of Madison. Her work is available at Hatch Art House in Madison and online at  

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