We protest SOPA and PIPA. Take Action.

We created the Library as Incubator Project as a virtual hub where librarians and creative people of all stripes–from renowned professional artists to little kids playing with finger paint– could connect and share ideas.

We believe a free and open internet promotes the kind of creativity, invention, and innovation that can change the world.  Someone out there is the next Van Gogh, the next Pavarotti, the next Charlie Chaplin or Emily Dickinson.  But no one will know it if their work can’t be shared online.

Our site works because the internet is a place where you can freely and openly share the work of others.

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act ) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) threaten the free and open internet.  We oppose both bills, and encourage everyone who enjoys our site to learn more about what these laws could do, and to take action.


The EFF’s one-page guide to SOPA

The EFF’s Free Speech on the Web

The EFF’s How SOPA Effects Students, Educators, and Libraries (& what you can do!)

PCWorld’s SOPA and PIPA: Just the Facts

Google’s Fact Sheet, End Piracy, Not Liberty


Contact your elected officials about these bills

Sign petitions like this and this

Use your voice!  Write a blog post, create a protest video and upload it, share your ideas on social media (Twitter hashtags include #SOPA #PIPA and #SOPASTRIKE).

Do you have any other helpful resources about SOPA and PIPA?  Have you created any artwork in response or in celebration of your right to free speech and free information? Please share in the comments!

– Erinn, Laura, & Christina

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