Yesterday was finally the day for Madison Public Library’s BOOKLESS, and it’s safe to say it was a smashing success.  This event truly defined what “library as arts incubator” can mean.  The building was plastered with art, from works hanging on the walls and from ceilings, to room-sized installations. Community members created their own art on the huge public painting wall and stations run by local arts organizations.  Men in white jumpsuits wandered the floor, creating on-the-spot hot pink BOOKLESS screen prints. Bands played where the old fiction section used to stand, while a dance party thumped along with DJs and video installations in the basement lower stacks, aptly renamed “Bibliotheque Discotheque.”  Members of Madison’s art community happily caught up with friends and made new ones.  Hundreds (and hundreds!) of community members roamed the library, taking it all in.

The three of us had the pleasure of working with photographer Jim Escalante, who is a faculty member in the Department of Arts at UW-Madison, for the event’s retro-library themed photobooth.  Children and adults had a fantastic time putting on silly props and hamming it up for the camera.  So did we:

Thanks to Jim for a great project, and our amazing SLIS friends who volunteered to help.  And a huge congratulations and thank you to event organizers Trent and Courtney for an amazing evening!

View more photos of the event and the photobooth on the library’s Flickr page.


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