Audubon's flamingo, Birds of America.

Phoenicopterus ruber, the Greater Flamingo, by John James Audubon for The Birds of America.

The January issue of Poets & Writers is chock full of things that inspire. Here at the Library as Incubator Project, we are all about highlighting the myriad ways that libraries – their buildings, their people, and their materials – can inspire writers and artists of all kinds. We’re not talking at this moment about research, necessarily, although many of the artists and writers we feature on the site certainly spend a great deal of time deliberately seeking out information about historical eras, people, places, customs, and so much more. Rather, we’re talking about a spark of interest that comes from the page of a book or a certain angle of a film camera.

Poets & Writers‘ “Catalogue of Curiosities” is a lovely collection of books, audio, and film clips that inspired some of the debut poets highlighted in the Inspiration Issue. One of these titles catch your fancy? Make sure to check out WorldCat to see if a library near you has it. Happy reading/watching/listening. – Laura


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