Library Program Kit

We’re delighted to feature this practical kit on using your library as a gallery, which was contributed by Katharine Clark.  Katharine manages the exhibition calendar as a Library Assistant at Sequoya Public Library in Madison, Wisconsin, and her kit outlines the practical planning, installation, promotion, and legal aspects of hosting local art exhibitions at your library.

Click to download Katharine’s Library Kit: Using Your Library as Gallery Space.

Katharine also shared the following documents, which may be helpful for librarians planning new gallery space, or those who want to create a good protocol for working with artists to want to show work in their libraries.  Click the links to download:

1. Floor Plan of Sequoya Public Library with Wall Space Measurements

Katharine says: It’s a good idea to give artists a map of your library so that they can plan their show. About a month before an artist installs, I take them on a tour and give them this floor plan, which notes the dimensions of available wall space.

2. Madison Public Library Exhibit Contract

Katharine says: This is an important document because it establishes that the artists are in charge of hanging and taking down their own work– we don’t have the staff for that!   It also limits the library’s liability if an artist’s work is damaged in any way while it is displayed.  This is especially important for artworks that are worth a lot of money.

Both kit and the ancillary documents linked above are free to share; if you’re working to create exhibition space at your library, feel free to score some good ideas to get you started. We hope you’ll be able to create great community partnerships and share local art with your patrons, and, as always, we welcome your comments, suggestions, and even exhibition photos: email or post in the comments section.

We hope you’ll also consider contributing your own approaches to managing the library-as-gallery (no matter the scale or the budget) to the site: check out our Librarian Resources section to see what we have available already, and visit our Submit page to find out how to contribute your own kit.


Interested in reading more about how Sequoya Public Library cultivates relationships with local artists?  Check out Featuring: Sequoya Public Library.  Curious about what kinds of art have been shown at Sequoya?  Take a look at Juliette Crane’s whimsical owl paintings, which were displayed in the Children’s section last year.

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