Whether you are a DIY craft genius or a sculptor with an MFA, you’ve probably thought about how you might make a living selling your art.  Your local libraries– both public and academic– can be a huge resource mine for information on how to turn your skill into a business.  Between digital and print resources and helpful librarians, a library can help you can learn how to create a business plan, draft contracts and other official documents, advertise  your brand to the appropriate markets, land gallery space or boutique consignment, build a website, and even navigate intellectual property so you can protect your ideas.

This week’s Pinterest board focuses on The Business of Art with a collection of smart, fun resources that focus on launching an art-based business.  Click each pin, and you’ll be directed to www.worldcat.org, where you can  see the libraries in your area that hold that book, or, if you’re a librarian, grab the ISBN for easy ordering and catalog searches.

Are you an artist who has grown your own business?  What books and resources were your touchstones as you were getting started? Tell us your recommendations:  shoot us an e-mail at libraryasincubatorproject@gmail.com, tweet to @IArtLibraries, or leave a comment for us below– we’ll be sure to add your suggestions to the board (and credit you, of course)!

Librarians!  What resources are popular among start-up small business owners at your library?  Do you ever create displays of materials that can help artists monetize their skills?  Tell us your suggestions, and feel free to use our crowd-sourced Pinterest boards as inspiration for a tough collection development assignment! Our goal, as always, is to make your job just a little easier by helping you connect the artists in your community with the resources they want!


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