by Melissa Kolstad

Author’s note:  This is the second in a series of posts concerning The Detritus Project, an interactive library art work that I’m creating in conjunction with the Fond du Lac Public Library in Fond du Lac, WI.  For Part 1, click here.

When I last wrote, I had just finished going through the huge bag of stuff that the librarians at the Fond du Lac Public Library had collected for me.  My last question, which was more than rhetorical, was, “What am I going to do this all of this?”

This put me in “brainstorming mode”.  Since I didn’t know what to expect when I got the bag of goodies, I couldn’t really picture what I was going to create.  Now that I know what I have to work with, I could begin the process of sorting.

I really love creating abstract collages, so I thought for a bit about just going crazy and making a huge collage using every little scrap of paper that I was given.  But I also want to celebrate our library in particular, so I think I’ll scrap that idea and concentrate on making something that the viewer will instantly recognize as “Fondy” (that’s the nickname we citizens have lovingly bestowed upon our fair city).  🙂

I feel the idea taking shape!  So what I think I’ll do is (and this may seem like a boring choice) sort the stuff into two piles – the due date slips… and everything else.

What?  How totally boring!  Here I have a wealth of colorful items at my disposal and I’m actually thinking about using the bland due date slips?!?!

Why yes.  Yes I am.  And in the next post, you’ll see that I won’t regret my decision – hopefully.  Stay tuned!

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