I Street Press seeks to become a "go-to" for writing and publishing in Sacramento.

Sacramento Public Library is home to a wonderfully integrated program for that supports local writers of all kinds: the I Street Press Community Writing and Publishing Center.

Funded by grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the California State Library, the SPL is re-inventing library service to their community with an Espresso Book Machine designed to print on demand, a massive online database of printable books (many of them out of print), and an integrated suite of writing workshops to teach writing craft and guide interested patrons through self-publishing.

The initiative is threefold:

  • The library offers a number of short, free monthly classes about publishing, design, writing, and more, including “The Legal Side of Self-Publishing,” “Blog Better:  How to write more engaging blog posts,” and “How to Plan a Book.”
  • I Street Press offers patrons options for self-publishing using the Espresso Book Machine, and provides a comprehensive how-to for planning, formatting and submitting your book for self-publication with I Street Press, including helpful pricing guides and quick links to sign up for Info Sessions and Publishing Appointments.
  • The ExpressNet Database allows patrons to search over 3 million titles, many out of print or hard to find for print-on-demand using the Espresso Book Machine. Once you pay for the book you request, the brand-new title is printed and sent to your favorite Sacramento Library Branch.

In addition to printing on demand, the Library is also growing an impressive Local Authors Collection with the help of I Street Press.  When a patron decides to self-publish their work through I Street, they have the option to donate a copy to the library.  The book is then catalogued, and added to the Local Authors Collection at the central library.  The titles are included in the system’s 28-branch catalogue as well, and are available to everyone with a library card in the area!

For a peek inside the Espresso Book Machine and a closer look at what I Street Press is doing for local creativity and content creation in Sacramento, check out this cool video:

Want to learn more?  Follow Sacramento Public Library on Facebook and Twitter (@saclib), and visit the I Street Press Community Writing & Publishing Center website.

Does your library collect local authors’ work?  Are you working to create a local self-publishing initiative in your community?  Tell us what you think about I Street Publishing and share your community’s stories in the comments, on Facebook, or Twitter (IArtLibraries)– we’d love to hear from you!

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