by Laura Damon-Moore

On the lookout for a fantastic web resource dedicated to kids’ poetry? Look no further than Giggle Poetry, an online offshoot of children’s book publisher Meadowbrook Press.

On Giggle Poetry, you’ll find hundreds of poems on topics like school, teachers and principals, food, animals, and more. There are interviews with kids’ poets, poetry class and workshop ideas, and a special poetry theater section that lets kids perform popular rhyming plays with their friends. All of the material on Giggle Poetry comes from Meadowbrook Press publications, but the poems and activities are available free of charge.

Librarians and teachers will find Giggle Poetry useful when planning poetry workshops and activities – the perfect addition to a National Poetry Month program lineup. Poets and writers may find the site fun to explore for inspiration for their own kids’ poetry. Meadowbrook Press’ related website,, is another place to find useful resources for teaching and experiencing short fiction works.

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