Welcome, one and all, to the Library as Incubator Project website! We are excited to say that we are officially up and running. Please bear with us while we work out some of the kinks in these early days of the website, and feel free to email the gang at libraryasincubatorproject@gmail.com if you have any suggestions or questions in the first few weeks of our virtual project hub’s existence – or for that matter, at any time you’d like to be in touch with us!

We’ll update this “blog” section of the site with news and fun “quick links”. The rest of the site is devoted to features on artists, writers, libraries and librarians, essays, and library workshop kits. If you have ideas or content to contribute for any of these categories, please be in touch with us. We are looking forward to an ongoing conversation with artists, writers, librarians, and appreciators of all of these!

A very heartfelt thank-you to all of those who made this project possible in the first place: Louise, Steve, Rebecca, and everyone else we mention on the Credits & Acknowledgments page!

All the best,

Laura, Christina, Erinn

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