Ever wish you could pick an artist’s brain to find out what he or she is reading?

Whether you’re a librarian looking for collection development or display ideas to help grow and market your library’s collection, or an artist searching for new inspiration, our collection of Pinterest boards is a great place to start.  Our newest addition to this online visualization of books and resources is a collaboration with one of our multi-talented contributing artists, Aeryk Williams.

In his feature on the website, Aeryk stood out as a voracious reader and a life-long library user, habitually checking out stacks of 20 books or more from the Houston Public Library and the New York Public Library.  When we heard this, of course, we asked, “What books?”  The Aeryk Williams’ Top Books pinboard includes Aeryk’s answers, with his annotations on each title. He describes his collection this way:

These are just a few books that are important to me and they have played a major role in my life, helping me to continue to hone my craft.

Click here to visit Artist Aeryk William's Top Books pinboard

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