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This Thursday, we gave our first webinar about the Library as Incubator Project.  We were graciously invited by Bradley Shipps of the Outagamie Waupaca Library System (OWLS) to present on our project and had a wonderful turnout of Wisconsin librarians.

We talked about how the Library as Incubator Project began, what we’re trying to accomplish both on and off the web, and explained some ways that libraries can get involved.  We had some great discussion after the presentation, and talked about ways that libraries can reach out to artists, what to do when there’s not enough space for arts programming, writing workshops and self publishing at the library,  and librarians shared some of the ways that they are incubating the arts at their libraries.

For anyone interested, the archived webinar can be viewed here.  We very much enjoyed this experience, and want all of our readers to know: we are available to present for your library as well! We’re happy to speak on a number of topics:

  • The Library as Incubator Project in general and ways to incubate the arts at your library
  • The “Makerspace Mindset
  • Connecting with artists in your community
  • Collection building in the arts
  • Have a topic you’d like to hear about? Ask us!

If you’re interested in having us present a webinar for your library system, please contact us via email.  We can’t wait to be in touch with you!

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