On the site, we’ve featured multiple online galleries and collections for artists and librarians looking for easy ways to find images.  So far, these online collections have largely focused on images of visual art or writing.  What about artists looking for audio or video of inspiring music or performances?  Our hope is to begin including some of these resources as well — starting with the National Jukebox.

Click to open the National Jukebox from the Library of Congress.

Today, we’re featuring an online music collection from the Library of CongressThe National Jukebox makes historic sound recordings available to the public for free.  The Jukebox launched with more than 10,000 recordings from the Victor Talking Machine Company, and more recordings will be added regularly.  The recordings come from the collections of the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation and other contributing libraries and archives.  Interested in how all those 78rpm disc sides turned into a digital collection?  The LOC has created a slideshow to show you just how painstaking the process was.

The Jukebox has an advanced search fuction and is browsable by a number of facets, including language, composer, lyricist, performer and genre.  Users can listen to Library of Congress curated playlists, or easily create their own.  An enormous range of artists includes John Philip Sousa, opera singer Enrico Caruso, Irving Berlin, and Mozart.  There is also a “Jukebox Day by Day” page, where users can choose a specific date in history and listen to recordings that were made on that day.

The Jukebox expands beyond the music recordings with visuals of Victor Talking Machine Company advertisments and an interactive digital copy of The Victrola Book of the Opera.


In honor of Memorial Day, we’re listening to “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” sung by the Victor Male Chorus in 1902, which is featured on the home page today.  What are you listening to?

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