Library gallery spaces create a unique opportunity for artists to show their work to a new audience, and for the library to provide an enriching art experience for patrons.  Whether it’s a public or academic library, an entire room devoted to show artwork or a small space on one wall — hanging art in the library adds an element of creativity and wonder to an already stimulating place.

We’re working on a kit for starting a gallery space in the library and for using that space to its full potential.  In order to do this, we’d love to hear about your library’s gallery space: How did it get started? What kind of hanging system do you have?  How do you find artists to show their work?  How do you promote exhibits?

If you’re interested in sharing the experience you’ve had at your library, please contact us via email (libraryasincubatorproject at gmail dot com), tweet at us, facebook us or tell us in the comments.   We’ll follow up to learn more about your gallery however it’s easiest for you – a phone call, email exchange or survey. Your help will help us build an awesome kit to share with other libraries — thank you!


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