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Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Stephen Crowe’s work on “Wake in Progress,” a series of illustrations and writings inspired by James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. Today we feature another piece of art lifted right from the text of Joyce’s Ulysses. – Laura

Inspired by the journey of Leopold Bloom through Dublin on June 16th, 1904, Leopold’s Day have released a beautifully designed limited edition map of Dublin city formed purely from the people, premises and streets cited in Ulysses. This is the first time a map has been created which captures the landmarks and actual people who featured in the famous text.

The map, an exquisite marriage of typography and cartography, is a labour of love which has been nurtured by Dublin based designer, Rachel Kerr for the last three years. The map’s directory includes over four hundred landmarks and businesses which formed part of the fabric of that monumental day when Leopold Bloom journeyed through the city. Every detail has been carefully selected to capture the essence of the time; the feature typeface is a faithful digitised version of the original used to typeset the first edition of Ulysses.

Ulysses provides such an amazing insight into Dublin in a bygone era that I felt it was the perfect lens through which to map Dublin” Rachel said. “As a designer, it was critical for me to balance form and function, to make one of the most famous novel aesthetically accessible.”

Lithographically printed on premium paper at an impressive 1000mm wide x 700mm high, this map is sure to capture the imagination of Joyceans, those who have an association with Dublin and anyone with a passion for design. The map will be available on at a cost of €125.

Leopold’s Day is a collection of beautifully designed pieces inspired by Leopold Bloom’s journey through Dublin in June 1904. It was founded in 2012 by Dublin born and based graphic designer, Rachel Kerr. Trained in Ireland, Rachel has worked for award winning design studios in Dublin, London and Melbourne. Her client list includes the Royal Mail, the British Council and Defence Aviation Repair Agency. Rachel has extensive experience in many aspects of design, including creating stamps, and re-working the customer flow and way-finding at Heathrow Station. A selection of additional Leopold’s Day items will be released over the coming months.

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