As I click around on the internet, it becomes clear pretty quickly that librarians, library-lovers and book-lovers are a creative bunch.  There are all sorts of bookish and library-themed crafts, art work, and design products.  One thing that keeps popping up lately?  Library-inspired videos.

The other day, Maria from The Desk Set passed along this film called S is for Shhhhh created by members of  The Desk Set and Screen Slate (full credits below) for their 2011 Biblioball, and it is so fantastic that we had to share.

S is for Shhhhh… (Biblioball 2011) from Desk Set on Vimeo.


Amazing, right?  If you haven’t checked out The Desk Set and what they do, we recommend it!

There seem to be so many hilarious, moving, and clever library-inspired videos on sites like Vimeo and YouTube.   The library I work at just had a contest for patrons to create a 3-minute movie featuring the library, which can be viewed here.  Erinn recently shared with me “The Lord of the Libraries” by college-aged Chris Martin, who went on to win an Emmy for special effects on Heroes. It seems that library-inspired films, both homemade and otherwise, are everywhere this week!

What are your favorite library-themed YouTube finds?   It could be a fundraising effort for a library, someone’s project for school, or something just for fun.  Post the link in the comments — we can’t wait to sit back and watch!



S is for Shhhhh credits:
Produced by The Desk Set & Screen Slate. Premiered at The Biblioball 2011: Biblio Noir. Co-Directed by Jon Dieringer & Joy Tomasko. Script by Joy Tomasko. Featuring: Sarah Murphy, Jason Planitzer, Michael Patrick Flanagan Smith, Amber Billey, Karen Grenke, Matthew Irizary, Liz Beard and Dakota Kim.  Photography and post-production by Jon Dieringer. “Story for a Rainy Day” lyrics by Joy Tomasko and Music by Andrew Lynch.  Performers: Kate Hess, Jason Seck, Amber Nicole Shavers and Steven Strafford.  Live lighting and sound for Joe’s Pub: Jason Miller and Thanasis Ipsaro. Special Thanks to our locations: The General Society, The Black Rabbit Bar and Joe’s Pub.


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