A couple of weeks ago, we featured a news article out of Westport, CT, and linked to a press conference about their brand-new library Maker Space. Naturally, we wanted to get some updates on how the Maker Space’s early weeks were going. Today we are pleased to host the library’s Communications Coordinator Marcia Logan in a blog about the Westport Library’s Maker Space. Be sure to check out the videos; they’re helpful in fleshing out the conversation about maker spaces, in Westport and libraries around the world. – Laura

by Marcia Logan

The Westport Library Maker Space is a couple of weeks old, and so much fun! We’ve had people of all ages wander in daily, and many of them have ended up helping to build the two planes we’re working on this summer. It’s an organic process—we don’t know exactly where the Maker Space is headed when the planes are finished and suspended from the ceiling. But we do know that we’re moving in the right direction for the library, offering another dimension to the traditional services we’ve always had.

Here’s a video clip from our opening July 2:

We’ve also had some interesting feedback from unexpected places.  We responded to a blog from the Arts Council in England called “Envisioning the library of the future” and received a reply that included 2 intriguing links, one from a librarian in Georgia, and one about a “Library Lab” in England:

The Library Lab from 00:/ on Vimeo.

We have a committee that meets weekly to work out the details of our Maker Space web pages and brainstorm about future Maker programs. We bought a 3D printer, which has attracted lots of attention. A high school volunteer runs the printer, and recently printed out a wrench that can be used to make the planes!

Does your library have a maker space you’d like to see featured on the Library as Incubator Project? We’re excited to talk with you. Feel free to email us: libraryasincubatorproject@gmail.com. 

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