Letters like this is one reason I love working on the Library as Incubator Project. Today we’re pleased to feature the art programs for young adults at the Acton Public Library in Old Saybrook, Connecticut – written from the perspective of a young adult participant.

We received this letter in July 2012.

Dear IArtLibraries,

I live in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Our local library, Acton Public Library has influenced my creative work as an artist. Acton Public Library is holding art classes for teens called “Picture The Night”. Last week, the library held their first class with charcoal. The guest teacher, Jonathon Wolfer taught us handful ways to hold the charcoal in our hands.

He had tables with chairs around the room and on the center another table with random items on it. We started by drawing items on the table such as: pears, vases, a globe, and shapes. He soon praised me for my creativity for thinking outside the box or rather outside the table.

At the corner of the room was a flag, I lost interest on the items on the table so I drew the flag instead and he showed me how I could make my drawing more realistic. Too soon the class was over and we had to leave. Nothertheless, the class was amazing and I found another artist beside me who was amazingly talented. Her drawings seemed similar to sketches of professional fashion designers. She sketched body parts almost as if she had done so for years.

We will be having 3 more art classes in: digital photography, graphic novels, and portrait drawings but on the fourth week, we will be having an exhibition for our artwork at the Acton Public Library. The library has been exhibiting artworks of different artist at the entrance where people would be able to see them. They were all different; from photography to paintings but there were some that was art in its unique way. Some of the artists who exhibited their artwork also are our teachers for our art classes at the library. I would stop and look at the artworks every time I was at the library, and that’s a lot for someone who is at the library constantly.

For me the library is one of the places that I love to go in my free time.

Special thanks to Wendy Connal, Young Adult Librarian at Acton Public Library, for sending us this letter. 

Visit the Acton Public Library website to learn more about the art classes they held during the summer for young adult artists.

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