Happy Sunday, readers! It was another lively week at the Library as Incubator Project, with lots of site updates and great conversations on Twitter and Facebook.

In case you missed some of the new stories on the site, here’s a quick list to get you caught up:

News from the social media neighborhood…

Have you explored our newest Pinterest board, Music Incubators? We’re compiling the best and most inspiring music collections, stories of musical inspiration, and more.

This week we enjoyed a fun conversation about some of your favorite books to hear read aloud, particularly from your childhood. Here’s a sample of your favorites:

And some neat things from around the web…

Speaking of music, you’ve just got to spend some time exploring the Hip-Hop Collection at Cornell University. It includes a sample of hip-hop images. (via LISNews)

We’re loving these whimsical illustrations by Franco Matticchio; I don’t know about you, but I want to see these in a children’s book! (via lines and colors)

Art Bars? We’re loving this idea, which cropped up in our inbox via ArtMail Milwaukee. Only in Wisconsin would we manage to combine beer & art!

From our friend Trent Miller, we also have a new resource for the art community in Madison, WI: Spackle Madison!

That should be plenty to get you started down your Sunday web rabbit hole. As always, keep an eye out for more neat stuff on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. ~ Laura

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