A feature about MAKE Magazine’s Maker Camp after the close of the camp might seem silly, but after thirty days of projects and field trips, we wanted to check in with some of the campers who “attended” Maker Camp to learn from you all!

What is Maker Camp 2012?

Maker Camp (developed and hosted by MAKE Magazine) is a virtual DIY camp for teens. It’s free and open to all on Google+. This means: 30 days of awesome projects, from July 16 until August 24.

Every morning a new project is introduced by an expert camp counselor who gives campers tips and advice on successfully building the project. Materials lists for projects are posted in advance so you have time to find supplies needed for the next day’s project.

In the afternoon, campers can join the camp counselor in a hangout to talk about the project and look at photos campers have submitted.

Each week, Maker Camp goes on epic field trips.
DIY BookbindingWhat were some projects in Maker Camp 2012?

  • Marshmallow Cannon
  • The Secrets of Board Game Creation

Where did Maker Camp 2012 go for field trips?

  • The Smithsonian
  • NASA
  • Disney

Get more details, including project and supply archives, at the sweet Maker Camp website.

Sounds great. So…now what?

Well, among other things, we’d like to point to Maker Camp as a resource that young adults and those who work with them can continue to use year-round. Call it a program-in-a-pinch. We dig Maker Camp because this is a great way for technology and virtual space to meet collaborative learning. We know of a couple of libraries already that implemented some aspect of Maker Camp during summer programming, and we’d like to open up that conversation to include other libraries, librarians, parents, and young adults themselves who participated in Maker Camp 2012, and those who are just learning about it now. Can you add your thoughts?

  • What did you like about Maker Camp? What worked well?
  • What wasn’t so great about it?
  • Did you work on projects in a group, or on your own?
  • How could you see Maker Camp being used in community spaces, like libraries, or in classrooms, in the future?

Feel free to throw out your ideas here in the comments, or send us a note: libraryasincubatorproject@gmail.com. We’re happy to provide the fabulous folks at MAKE some ideas and feedback from all of you.

I for one can’t wait to make a Marshmallow Cannon. ~ Laura

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