Our new intern, Katie, enjoying the little bit of sunlight that London had to offer this summer

Welcome to our new Intern, Katie Behrens!  Katie is a Masters student at the University of Wisconsin School of Library and Information Studies.  This semester, she will be working on some exciting projects for us, including wrapping up each week of website features and cool stuff around the social media neighborhood with the Linkubator Roundup.  Stay tuned! ~Erinn

Hi there, Incubator fans!   My special focus while I’m in library school is children and young adults in the public library, but I also have a burning interest in book history, creative spaces, new media, museums, radio, theater, and anything that hails from the great nation of Britannia.  I spent 3 weeks in London this summer, and yes, I do periodically check on airline ticket prices across the pond.  I am so excited to work with the Incubator Project this semester, and I greatly look forward to connecting with you in this and other online spaces!  Cheers!

New this week on the website:

Neat stuff from the social media neighborhood:

Twitter got excited when the Chetham Library in Manchester crowd-sourced for the identification of a mysterious manuscript they found – can you help?

We got some awesome feedback on quilters and libraries on Facebook.  Stay tuned for a possible feature here!

Neat stuff we found around the web:

As the first day for a new intern, I’d say I’ve never looked at more beautiful and interesting things in one day!  Are you working on something cool and exciting?  We want to hear about it!  And we’re pretty easy to reach.  That’s all for now.     ~Katie

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