If we have more time to work on the project, we’ll be able to do a lot more to make the library an experience.

Welcome to the official launch of our IArtLibraries Indiegogo fundraising campaign!

Earlier this week, Laura shared the big news about our decision  to raise funds for the Library as Incubator Project.  In a nutshell:  We want to fund two part-time project coordinator positions with the money we raise so we can continue to bring you inspiring artist interviews, creative program ideas, and collection development guides you can use to help make your library an incubator for the fine and creative arts.

We decided to take this route rather than advertising on our website or asking users to pay for any of the material we produce, because we believe that information about libraries and the arts should be freely available to everyone.

The campaign runs through December 12, 2012 (We couldn’t resist 12/12/12). As our friends and supporters, we’re asking you to help spread the word. If you love what we do– if you art libraries–please share our campaign with  friends and colleagues, and consider a donation.

Click here to help us Fund a Coordinator for the Library as Incubator Project

As always, feel free to send us questions, comments, and ideas.  We’re looking forward to sharing this important step for the future of the Library as Incubator Project with you, and we’d love to chat with you about it.

To all of you, THANK YOU for helping us make the Library as Incubator Project a fantastic place to be creative!  Here’s to a great campaign!

~Laura & Erinn

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