This post was originally published on December 16 2012.

HolidayBookCraftsby Andy Meyer

Students and staff at North Park University’s Brandel Library decided to get in the holiday spirit this year by hosting a crafting event that used discarded library materials to create decorations for the library’s annual Christmas party. With some inspiration from Pinterest (see our board HERE) and with the creativity of some of our staff, student workers, and patrons, we started crafting.

Most of the basic materials were readily available and should be plentiful in most libraries:

  • old books
  • construction paper
  • glue sticks
  • bone folders
  • a paper cutter, etc.

We acquired the rest of the supplies– like ribbon, glitter, and hot chocolate mix– for less than twenty dollars. More elaborate crafts would require other supplies, but this was more than enough for us.

Library staff and student workers had researched and prototyped a few crafts, but the crafting time was largely open ended; people were free to be creative and crafty on their own. We gave people the option to take their crafts home with them, but the majority were happy to donate their crafts to the library.

The scope of this event gradually broadened from just a few library staff members to a public event that was open to the whole university community. The event was small but was a unique time for librarians, library staff, and students to interact in new and fun ways. We tried to create a festive atmosphere by providing hot chocolate and by projecting a faux fireplace. These small things really set the mood and transformed a conference room into a more cozy space for holiday crafting.

Overall, the event was a huge success! People seemed to enjoy it and the decorations have received many compliments from library patrons. Bethany Roeschley, a library student worker and master crafter, said that “the crafting event was great and I had a lot of fun!” and is beginning to suggest ways to make this more than just a holiday event. And with that excitement, we are definitely planning on doing similar events in the future!

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Andy Meyer is the Acquisition Coordinator for North Park University’s Brandel Library. He loves libraries and Chicago style hot dogs and can be reached on Twitter and LinkedIn. He also helps manage the Brandel Library’s Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts.

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